Brother Niar

Cleric of Abadar


HP: 10 (8) Init: 2 Speed: 20 AC: 20 (2 dex, 7 armor, 1 dodge) scale and shield, heavy Base Atk: 0 Melee: 0 Missile: 2 CBM: 0 CMD: 12

Light Crossbow: atk-2; dam d8; crit 19-20×2 Warhammer: atk-0; dam d8; crit 20×3

Save Throws: F-42 R-30 W-62 Stats: Str-11 Dex-14 Con-12 Int-12 Wis-17 Chr-9

Feats: Dodge Racial: Slow and Steady, Darkvision 60’, Defensive Training, Greed, Hatred, Stability, Stonecutting, Weapon Familiarity Domain Powers: Inspiring Word [sp] x6, +1 resistance to saving throws, Resistant Touch [sp] x6 Class: Aura, Channel Energy x2

Skills (3) 5/1 Knowledge – Nobility [int] 5/1 Knowledge – Religion [int] 7/1 Sense Motive [wis]

Language – Common, Dwarven, Goblin

Spells (Domains: Nobility, Protection) O – 3: Light, Guidance, Stabilize 1st – 2+1: Magic Weapon, Comprehend language + Divine Favor


Niar’s was born clanless to a wretch of a woman, who cared more about her drug habits than the care for her son. The only good thing she did was to sell her baby to a traveling priest of Abadar. Brother Hanar, the priest of Abadar, knew he could not save the mother but the son he could bring stability and teach him a true calling. This is how Niar enter the priesthood of Abadar.

Niar upbringing within the priesthood was strict and any disobedience was met with harsh punishment. Niar received his fair share of punishment. It was not that Nair was a bad child he was just different being the only Dwarven member of the order within the temple. His mine was also set on adventure and he was often found, after lights out, stalking the grounds in search of imaginary treasure or fighting off some mythical creature.

Brother Hanar took the boy under his own tutelage and taught Niar all he knew of the order and his God Abadar. Hanar died before Niar ascended to become a full priest of the order. Niar took his death hard and his attitude changed and he took on a more serious approach. He finished his studies and became a full priest later that year. Niar never really was able to tell Hanar how much he loved the man that saved him from a wretched life as a clanless dwarf. Niar travels to Hanar grave each year to place flowers on his grave.

The elder of the order decided to send Niar from the temple to spread the teaching Abadar. Over the last 3 years Niar has done his best to teach all that are willing to listen of the greater glory of Abadar. Niar is currently traveling to Sandpoint at the request of his friend Abstalar Zantus to help with the dedication of their new church.

Brother Niar

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